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Start up in Shaker

Running your business....

That's a different story. When you get going, you'll grow out of your first location, your first logo, you still need that .30 Sec. elevator speech for many of the same reasons. But now, you'll need a training & procedure manual to hire and get new people on board quickly. In addition, you'll need a manager, and strategy for communications. This is a phase that gets the blood pumping because you're not a beginner but not quite at the top of the success ladder. This is the time to refine procedures and do lots of networking. Your Chamber can help.  

Successful Business

This is the time to make a plan to steer your business into a strong competitive position. There will be more planning, more management, more communications and plenty of more strategic planning for growth. By now there are many more professiional relationships to manage too. You'll have customers, suppliers, investors, bankers, lawyers, accountants, IT personnel, HR people and more. Here is where your company begins to invest in your local chamber.


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