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Small Business staff training:

We team up with local companies to develop training packages to keep your employees up to date, so you don't have to.

Let us customize a package from your design or we can audit your customer service and do surveys to help you find the blind spots that can cost you money. Then we'll train your front line staff to offer excellent service and track your results. Our goal is to help your company grow.

Entrepreuneur Programs:

Starting a new venture can be frightening, so we can help with individual coaching for your business. Let our years of business experience be a leg up to your organization.

Individual Career training:

Come to a boot camp or workshop to learn the latest technology, apps and techniques to get your skills up to speed. Whether you're looking for a job or just looking for a raise, we can help. Watch our events for upcoming workshops. In addition, we'll be happy to look over your resume and guide you in your search. Social media techniques and we know where the hidden job market is. Let us help you make more money!

From the Beginning:

Everybody must start somewhere. We offer training workshops for teens to prepare them for Summer jobs, part-time employment and/or internships. This helps our local economy and gets our youth off to a great start.


While in college or in early career stage, we offer an Executive Development Workshop for young adults to help make the transition from entry level jobs to professional development. This exposes the students to a higher level of excellence and opportunity.


Many people find networking an excellent way to further a stagnant career and meet peers in any given industry. Attend any of our boot camps or lunch bunches to meet new people who may help you along your chosen path.





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