Shaker Heights Chamber of Commerce

Always Helping You Mind Your Business

An exciting chamber formed in 2008 to support business owners and corporate entities as we grow together.

This chamber's focus is on supporting start-up entrepreneurs and helping global businesses find community connections that make commerce thrive. We teach, coach, train and prepare young workers while at the same time helping older workers cope with technology advances in the workplace. Let us connect your business with the rich resources in Shaker Heights or train your staff.  This chamber brands itself with the tag "Minding Your Business" and that's exactly what we intend to do, supported by the weekly radio show with the same name that airs Wednesdays, 12:30pm est on WJCU 88.7FM or stream on your device.

Founder & President:

Debra Hegler with a banking & finance background that includes retail lives in the area and is an active "Shaker Mom" with a passion for property management, training, public speaking and helping businesses do deals that make sense in the market place and yield the most profit. Her radio show "Minding Your Business" discusses topics that help business people cope and get along so operations run more smoothly, because she believes distruptions are costly.

She has held 'Networking Mobs' at Shaker Square, Minding Your Business After Hours events and the Annual Meeting is always a 'Super' networking Event!

Current Board:

Anthony Jones, a communications & technology expert keeps things running for the Chamber. A "Shaker Dad" with a passion for Shaker is also a 'Shaker Grad', and a genius with a computer.

Bill Leahey, a retired attorney who teaches Alternate Dispute Resolution at Case Western Reserve University is a fantastic mediator and overall Cheerleader for Shaker Heights. His skills allow the Chamber to help businesses run smoothly.

Original & Founding Board Members:

James Oliver, Certified IRS tax preparer

Charles Huffman, Publisher & Editor-Community Newspapers



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